Best of Travel in Southeast Asia Uncategorized 

Best of Travel in Southeast Asia

A quick guide to our favourite destinations in our Southeast Asia Travel Blog (we will update as we go along). This list follows our own interests and highlights our own style in travel. We travel independently as a couple, we generally avoid tourist and backpacker trails and we love to get lost in big cities although we do occasionally call in at the beach. We also follow food tourism, local immersion, and unique and authentic cultural experiences. For travel in Southeast Asia we generally use Air Asia for flights and Agoda for hotel bookings. This is…

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Nam Du Island- new paradise to discover TRAVEL 

Nam Du Island- new paradise to discover

Nam Du Island, known as Vietnam's second Ha Long, has become a popular tourist attraction in recent years. Located about 83 kilometers away from Rach Gia, Nam Du is the farthest outlying island of Kien Giang province. The pristine island has 21 islets, 11 islets of which are inhabited, while the others remain completely untouched. Imposing mountains emerge from the sparkling sea with splendid cliff faces, stunning beaches and green primeval forests, making Nam Du a must-see on a trip to Kien Giang.   Bai Chet- the main port of…

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New BMW Vision Exterior is the Stuff of the Future Technology 

New BMW Vision Exterior is the Stuff of the Future

Everything you would expect from a cool futuristic sedan with a sporty edge is combined in this vehicle. The new BMW Vision was designed by BMW AG’s exterior design specialist Seungmo Lim who works for the auto-giant in Munich. The size of the elegant sedan is made to satisfy lovers of sporty cars as the copper-colored coupe is 4.90 meters long and 1.37 meters high. Compact on the outside, the interior is as large and as luxurious to suit BMW sedans. BMW’s main intention for the exterior design of future…

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Travelling Vietnam TRAVEL 

Travelling Vietnam

Vietnam is a country rich in history and breathtakingly beautiful scenery, which will always make it a popular country for those backpacking in South East Asia. However, journeys in Vietnam are not something to be admired. The first clues were there once we arrived at Hanoi airport. We managed to avoid the eager taxi drivers and found ourselves on a shuttle bus, costing the two of us only 60,000 Dong (less than £2). A great bargain for a relatively long journey, but we did have to share the 11 seated…

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Post-Brexit global equity loss of over $2 trillion worst ever: S&P Uncategorized 

Post-Brexit global equity loss of over $2 trillion worst ever: S&P

  The $2.08 trillion wiped off global equity markets on Friday after Britain voted to leave the European Union was the biggest daily loss ever, trumping the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy during the 2008 financial crisis and the Black Monday stock market crash of 1987, according to Standard & Poor's Dow Jones Indices. Global markets skidded following the unexpected result from the June 23 referendum, in which Britons voted to withdraw from the EU by a 52 percent to 48 percent margin. Markets in mainland Europe were hit the worst, with…

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Tran Temple Festival (Lễ Hội Đền Trần) TRAVEL 

Tran Temple Festival (Lễ Hội Đền Trần)

From many Vietnam Popular Destinations, today I will introduce about place place which iis called an atmosphere full of the Asian spirit. “August is the death anniversary of Father, March is that of Mother”. The expression lingered in the mind of the Viet people like a reminder of finding way back to the root as August and March came to join vivid festivals in memory of Father and Holy Mother, who founded and protected the supernatural land. One of such traditional major festivals, serving as a pride of indigenous inhabitants as…

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Côn Đảo Island, Vietnam TRAVEL 

Côn Đảo Island, Vietnam

In many things to do in Viet Nam, travelling to Con Dao is necessary things.  Pristine beach, fresh and delicious seafood, friendly local people and there is not stolen at all in this island. In this article, I will introduce 4 suggestion for you when you travelling there. I hope this post will neccesary before you come Vietnam. 1) Transportation: At this time, there are two only flights to the island which are Vietnam Airlines and Air Mekong. All of the fights have to be transited at Ho Chi Minh City and the…

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News from admin INTRODUCTION 

News from admin

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Malacca (also called Melaka in Bahasa Malaysia) is a wonderful city for nice daytime activities or for a stay of more than one day. There are quite a few hotels and hostels available, but there are also many homeowners who are willing to put their house in Malacca up for rent. The city has many beautiful attractions, all clearly representing the great history of the city. From Kuala Lumpur you can easily access Malacca by bus, taxi or rental car . Residents of the capital often travel to Malacca during weekends to have a…

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Introduction to Phuket TRAVEL 

Introduction to Phuket

  Phuket Island is a stunning combination of golden beaches, turquoise seas, green hills, mangroves and rainforest. Phuket lies in the Andaman Sea surrounded by beautiful islets and to the northeast, the stunning limestone outcrops of Phang Nga Bay. Add to this the friendly people, varied cuisine, tropical climate and range of amenities and you have an ideal destination for a holiday or long term stay. Phuket's wealth originally came from tin mining. The tin mining boom started in the eighteenth century and brought a wave of migrants including many…

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